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Masonry Heaters: Designing, Building and Living with a Piece of the Sun.
By Ken Matesz
Tulikivi, based in Finland, is the world's largest manufacturer of heat retaining fireplaces. Fountainhead Natural Homes is proud to be an authorized Tulikivi dealer.
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The Masonry Heater Store is a private business with no "bricks and mortar" location. Many of our clients live far from our Northwest Ohio area. A personal meeting at a time and place convenient for everyone involved in the project can be arranged. We are also happy to communicate by email and phone. Often, exchanging plans, drawings, sketches, and photographs is the best way to repidly proceed on a project. We have many happy clients who are kind references and, again, we are happy to meet with you in person as well. Please call or write and we will be happy to begin making your dreams for a masonry heater a reality.

Please call us or email to make arrangements today! Phone us at 419.508.3121. Send emails to

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What's at the Masonry Heater Store?
Masonry Heater Store, LLC is a private business run by Ken Matesz. Though the name implies a brick and mortar location, we do not have one. Rather, the "store" is a one-stop virtual location where you can meet a knowledgable craftsman and author of the latest and most complete book about masonry heaters. Many of Ken Matesz' clients never meet him in person until he arrives to begin the installation of the new masonry heater. Others would not dream of entering into such a business relationship without first meeting in person. Ken is happy to accommodate what works best and is most comfortable for you. Please start the process by calling or emailing. Call at 419.508.3121. Email Ken at

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